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The New Phil prides itself on the high musical standards they are able to obtain with a membership of non-professional players. Many of our players trained for a professional life in music and once they determined they could not make a living doing what they most loved, moved on to other professions including law, medicine, education and computer technology. The many music schools in Boston attract and graduate many players who go on in life wanting to play but not as a professional and the many community orchestras in the area are the beneficiaries. The New Phil is fortunate to have quite a stable membership, strong rehearsal attendance and a commitment and dedication from the players to the orchestra that is part and parcel of the high performance standards we have been able to attain with non-professional players. This is aided and nurtured by the gifted leadership and teaching of the New Phil Principal Conductor, Jorge Soto who above all else wants to “help people love music.”

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