Donor Recognition

Special Spring 2020 Tribute

The Spring of 2020 has been an unexpected whirlwind of events. Like everyone else all around the world, New Philharmonia has had to adjust to a new normal, cutting short our 25th Season. While we plan for the future of our organization and explore new ways to share our musicians’ talents and passion virtually, we’d like to recognize the following members of our community who have made generous donations to our organization. We are extremely grateful for the thoughtful donations we have received during this time of great uncertainty.

Naomi Bar-Yam
Bethany Bechtel
Sally Bowie
Gorham Brigham
Karyn Brundige
Margaret Cain
Stephanie Chiha
Maureen Connelly
Josee Erlandson
Sandra Fallon
Claudia Fogg
Alice Freedman
Barbara Freer
Barry and Moira Gault
Joyce Hollman
Katherine Hsu
Holly Humphreys
Ana-Lisa Jones & Jeremy James
Hilary Kassler & Wilfred Mamuya
Barbara Kassler
Anne Lauriat
Mary Lee Ledbetter
Gregory Livingston

Ernest Loewenstein
Hans Meier-Ewert
Cindy Mackey
Cleo Messinger
Bernhard Metzger
Fremonta Meyer
Edith Mueller
Janet Mullington
James Murphy
Steven Pascal
David Pesetsky
Dick and Janet Post
Jack Qian
Michael Rabin
Elaine Samuels
Kimberly Simpson
Boyd Smith
Justin Solomon
Doreen Stathis
John Tarrh
Kenneth Wiesner
Margaret Zager

NPO 25/125 Recognition

This year, to celebrate our 25th Anniversary Season, we launched a special fundraising campaign – the NPO 25/125 Campaign. This season, we’re striving to raise $125,000 to support continued programming for our “Music for All” mission. All one-time gifts given to unspecified funds throughout the 2019/2020 season will go to our NPO 25/125 Campaign Fund.

The New Philharmonia Orchestra is most grateful to the following donors for their gifts received since November 1, 2019. Without the thoughtful gifts of so many, New Phil would not be able to continue its “Music for All” mission, vision, and tradition. Thank you!

Kay Khan

Conductor’s Circle
Matthew Budd

Platinum Baton
Djalai Babazadeh
Guillermo Del Angel
Deirdre Doyle
Josee & Bill Erlandson
Steven & Mary Lee Ledbetter
Bob & Jerrie Moffett
David Pesetsky
Paul Salinas
Julia Wong

Golden Baton
Ida Fridmann
Alexandra Fuchs
Victor Lee
Bernhard Metzger
Montie Meyer
Marsten Parker
Anne-Marie Soulliere
Mary Tripsas
Laura & Douglas Wilkins

Silver Baton
Marie-Claude Bernal
Mark & Janet Fagan
Patricia Fiske
Ann & William Hartner
Joyce & Bill Hollman
Lawrence & Sondra Langer
Janet Linder
Hans Meier-Ewert Mullington
Enoch Minn
Jeanne Stolbach

Bronze Baton
James Bergquist
Susan & Gorham Brigham
Kalman Brin
Stephanie Chiha
James Clifton

Mary-Brenda Cortell
John Finney
Gretchen Friend
Rebecca Gelman
Betty Gilson
Ted Hess-Mahan
Ana-Lisa Jones & Jeremy James
Debra Kaiser
Hilary Kassler & Wilfred Mamuya
Mary Kearing
Carol & Andy Dale
Masa Koinuma
Lois Lange
William Leitch
Cindy Lien
Greg & Susan Livingston
Cindy Mackey
David Miyamoto
Michael Rabin
Celia Raia
Elaine Samuels
Doris Sasson
Amy Sexauer
Elizabeth Small
Deborah Von Rechenberg
Heather & Greg Wellenius
Eunice Wilson
Margaret Zager
Michael Zager & LouAnne McDonald
Leonard & Rosemary Zir
John Zupancic

Angela Bahns
Claire Deeley
Kate Deeley
Sheila Doyle
Barbara Freer
Fernando Gargano
Ronald L. Jantzen
Elizabeth Kinney
Nancy Klepper-Kilgore
Emily O’Neil 
Cynthia J. Pill
Kate Pittman
Duke Roth
Rebecca Simon Smith
Abigail Soloway
Erin Thomas
Katsuya Tomioka
Wendy Walters

Tribute Fund Donors

The New Philharmonia is honored to be the recipient of gifts in memory and in honor of our dedicated orchestra, family, and audience members, music lovers and pillars of the community.

In Honor of Ron Knudsen
Mary Kearing

In Memory of Ron Scott
Tracy Gleason

In Honor of Adrienne Hartzell
Lisa Wong & Lynn Chang

Knudsen Legacy Fund
Leila Blaylock