March 24, 2020

a little look back

Oh my what a difference a few weeks makes! We’re starting this blog so our players and our New Phil community can share experiences as we all WFH and contemplate what’s next. Please share your thoughts, memories, joys and sorrows!

Earlier today I got an email from New Phil tuba player, Tim Ayer. For those who rehearsed the Prokofiev Concerto which still awaits performance, perhaps unusually for symphonic works, the tuba part is key in this piece. Tim sent the following message – let it suffice to say – we WILL perform this beautiful piece and Tatiana WILL be our soloist!

I meant to send this to you a while ago but it got away from me.

While we were in the midst of rehearsals, I was trying to sort out the mood of the third movement of the Prokofiev, and I was having a hard time putting it into words. So of course I tasked Virginia, our 4 year old, with doing the work for me. I played her the first 30-45 seconds and asked her how it made her felt. Her response:

V: Like walking through the woods with a brown bear.
Me: Like going on a hike with a bear?
V: No, daddy. Like you’re walking in the woods and a brown bear is behind you so quiet that you don’t know he’s there.

And I thought that was just about perfect.”

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