March 26, 2020

Diving into the solo repertoire

Strange and sad days indeed. And yet, this time is allowing me to explore other areas of my life that I’ve let go for a while. Books, getting the garden in shape, and diving into my library of solo horn works. I’d forgotten how much stuff I had!

I’ve recently rediscovered Michael Haydn’s double horn concerto and reached out to fellow section player William Prince to start to work it up for some performance in the future somewhere. What a great piece!

Low horn playing has also been a keen interest and I’ve been spending a lot of practice time with a set of trombone etudes. Helps me work on my bass clef, key-of-C transposition too :).

Staying in shape while hunkered down. Hope to be playing in public again soon! For now, I have to settle for serenading my kitties, Loki and Saga.

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